2014 Sewing: Think Small (Part 1)

I’m very excited. This is going to be my first year of proper sewing and blogging about it. And I have a plan… It’s so easy to get excited by all the pattern and fabric possibilities and get carried away, beyond both ability and available time. Then it can all begin to feel like a chore or really overwhelming (I speak from experience of house renovations). So the plan is to think small. One item per month is all I am going to aim for. The fabric and patterns are going to be chosen based on what I think I will wear and what I can do (with a bit of gentle boundary pushing). The only rule is that each item needs to be wearable in fabric, style and fit, meaning that I will hopefully choose it over an equivalent RTW. Now that I’ve written that it sounds a lot harder than I anticipated… Eeeep.

I’m only as far as January at the moment in the planning (although I have a lot of ideas for the rest of the year). I wear a lot of separates and can get away with fairly casual clothes for work so…

Stripy Jersey IMG_0180First up, I have a lovely narrow navy and  white  stripe  lightweight jersey (John Lewis sale) to  make a Maria  Denmark Kirsten  Kimono T-  shirt. A nice and simple first  make  to kick-  start  the year. I love the way John Lewis give you a little note with the material composition on it and how much you bought, shame they’re a bit on the pricey side. I made this in a cheaper teal  ponte roma over the holidays which worked out well (if a bit thick). I cut it to the length of the largest size on the pattern as I like my t-shirts a bit longer. Also I’m a bit lot pear shaped so for the next one I’m going to grade from the BL at the bust to BXXL at the hips. I love this pattern (free from Maria Denmark: http://blog.mariadenmark.com/?p=875) as the sleeves are short enough to wear easily under cardigans, while still definitely not being sleeveless.

Better get cracking!


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