Sci Fi Wash Bag

First completed make of 2014!! Ok, I know I said I had a plan and this is completely off plan but it’s a ridiculously late Christmas present for a friend that had to take priority. Note to self: selfless sewing needs to be factored into my plan.

So it’s a wash bag for possibly the hardest person to buy for. He’s the kind of guy who has everything he wants and doesn’t like excess possessions. Oh and he only really likes the colour black (for clothes and accessories). He is however a huge fan of sci-fi and the original Star Wars was his first taste of the genre. I saw this fabric on Frumble and thought I might have at least half cracked the problem.


How clever is this??? It’s like engineering drawings or blueprints of all the Star Wars spacecraft. Amazing. So I bought half a meter thinking I could make some sort of case or bag.

Then, as luck would have it, his wife told me he needed a new wash bag. Boom. The potential to make something he needs out of something he likes (hopefully). I drafted a very basic pattern with some pockets for the inside. I lined it with black shower curtain material and used black corset weight cotton for the central section with the zip to give it a bit more structure. The seams are all finished with bias tape and I found the perfect green to give it a bit of interest.




The pattern placement was a little tricky as it was hard to fit in a whole spacecraft’s plans and I also avoided the Star Wars logo so that it didn’t look too much like a child’s bag. I like the finished look of it though, subtle until you look more closely. Knowing him, that’s more his style anyway.



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