Fabric, fabric everywhere…

I learnt an important lesson this week. I need to fall for a fabric, not just a pattern. I bought the beautiful Coco pattern and made it up in the lilac check double jersey as shown in my last post.

lrgscale12.a-pinklilacpurplecheckI’ll do a proper post about the dress later (which is a lush style, easy to wear and a fab basic) however it’s the fabric that got me thinking. I struggled to find one for this dress, probably because I was so desperate to actually make the dress. I didn’t really think through what I was likely to wear and when. As a result I have a beautiful dress that isn’t exactly me and makes me just a bit sweaty on the 2.5 mile hike uphill to work :-(.

No biggie really as it was a cheap fabric and I need to make a few adjustments so I can just call it a wearable toile. Obviously I immediately went back on tinterweb and trawled around for a 100% cotton interlock. I’ve settled for this navy polka dot interlock from Tissu and I do mean settled as I’m really not sure on this one either. We’ll see… I do have some red ponte that might make cute pockets for this.

blue_cotton_interlock_q296_bl_1_5Then I was just browsing around and found this beauty on Textile Express

d61_floral_mustardIt’s a cotton lawn and I think it would make an amazing dress for spring/summer. I need this fabric. Really need it. And then I realised how much of an inspiration fabric is for me. Partly its the colours and partly the vintage feel. My head is just full of ideas for it. It definitely wants to be a dress. I’m swaying slightly towards a Sewaholic Cambie although the Emery, Peony and Hazel are all strong contenders. Can anyone help please? It needs to be work appropriate and loose enough on the bottom half to walk a good few miles in. Any thoughts? Recommendations? Also how do you choose your makes – pattern first or fabric or a bit of both?



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