Coco numero uno

I’m loving all of the Coco’s popping up, especially Karen’s with the pretty birds! So to add to the bunch, here is my finished Coco. Sorry for the rubbish photo but there were so many people out enjoying the sunshine this weekend it was difficult to find a space to take this. And I’m still using my phone as I feel too self conscious to crack out the proper camera.


I made the most simple version of this dress with long sleeves (although I think they look better rolled up to 3/4 length). I was going to add pockets but I think the print is busy enough (and really I just wanted to wear it as soon as possible).

So there are some good points and some bad. The good is that the pattern itself is brilliant. The instructions could not be clearer and it was very straightforward to put together. Also the packaging of the pattern is really lovely. I think that the front of the dress looks great, it’s a lovely shape and is very comfortable to wear. I have already bought more fabric for the next version!

The bad points are mainly my own fault for the very man made sweaty fabric choice meaning that it’s not well suited for walking to work in. And generally it’s not as soft and snuggly as I was hoping for. I think this will be sorted by my next fabric choice which is 100% cotton. Also, it turns out I need a sway back adjustment. I didn’t get a back view but it’s not a pretty sight. I’ve sort of been vaguely aware that I’ve got a very inward curving back where it meets my bottom but never really equated that with lack of fit before. Pretty obvious when you think about it though! So for my next Coco I will be trying out the instructions from Kitschy Coo for the lady skater dress. I’ll let you know how I get on…

Also, do you think a DD cup requires a FBA?




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