2014 Planning (better late than never)

Ha! It’s already March and I never did do another post on my sewing plans for 2014. Well I’ve tried to a few times but never quite found the time to finish it. Maybe that’s a sign…

I have been thinking a lot about what to sew and what to wear in the past couple of months though. I had a huge wardrobe clearout at the weekend, I took everything out that I haven’t worn recently or that I have worn but that I know I don’t look good in. I have actual space to hang things now and space in the drawers. It’s a lovely feeling plus I’ve found it significantly easier to pick outfits this week.

(For info, I used the cheat’s method though – I put everything that I took out of the wardrobe in a suitcase and have stashed it under the bed. It’s much quicker and less painful than agonising over whether to keep it or not. You can be far more brutal when you know it’s not gone forever. However, once it’s been under the bed for a while it will become easier to part with.)

What I’m left with gives me a good idea of what I like to wear, what suits me and the gaps in my wardrobe. And so, for the rest of the year I’m going to focus on gap filling and making more of my wardrobe staples. Lucky for me dresses are a staple!

What I’ve come up with is kind of a capsule wardrobe that fits with what I already own. Sorry that this is quite a long post with few pictures but here goes…

Dresses: Definitely more comfortable for me than skirts, I wear casual dresses fairly often.

1. Denim dress: I have some dark stretch denim and V8685 pattern which I think will make a good all year round dress. I’ll be able to layer tops or shirts underneath and knitwear over in the winter and just wear it on its own in the summer.


2. LBD: something special and classic that will last without dating (as it probably won’t get worn too much), possibly the By Hand London’s Elisalex…

2a. Tilly’s Coco: I’ve made a test version and am now in the process of cutting out a more wearable version (first ever FBA and sway back adjustment – fingers crossed) with this…


Trousers: I wear trousers a lot. The main styles I go for are fairly wide leg, straight or skinny. I’ll probably make these up in neutral colours like navy, grey or denim to match with my existing wardrobe and other capsule wardrobe items.

3. Sewaholic Thurlow’s: I think I’m the kind of shape her patterns are designed for.

4. NL6189: if you can see past the hideous styling! I really like the notched waistband detail and I think these could be great everyday work trousers. I’ve got a navy lightweight suiting fabric for my first go at these.


Tops: I wear separates often and most often with trousers. I like simple smart basics that are comfortable.

5. Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee: I’ve made this already in navy and white horizontal stripes and I love it! If time allows I’ll be making this in some block colours or maybe a crazy print…

6. Colette Sorbetto: I’ve made one so far and need to make some alterations for fit for the next one. I like a woven top as it can instantly make you feel a bit smarter. Possibly in broderie anglaise or chambray…

7. Grainline Scout: only just bought this pattern but there are so many nice versions out there. Nice alternative to a knit tee, maybe use this lovely red polka dot. (I’ve actually made a test version of this now in a chambray – to be blogged later!)


8. Deer & Doe Plantain: I love a long sleeve t-shirt and initially need one of these in dark grey followed perhaps by one in red and white stripes.

Jacket: I spend a fair amount of time outside every day, walking 2.5 miles each way to and from work. I therefore need clothes that stand up to the weather and are comfy.

9. Minoru: I’ve got a proper hardcore waterproof jacket and some nice winter wool coats but I’d really like a smarter shower proof type jacket. I love the shape of this jacket and I reckon it could span a few seasons (maybe with a removable inner lining).

10. By Hand London’s Victoria Blazer: in a heavy jersey, would be a great smarter alternative to a cardigan or jumper. This one isn’t as urgent as I have a similar RTW jacket a lot like this that gets a lot of wear. But it’d be nice to make my own.

Bag: I seem to permanently carry my life around with me and need a large bag to accommodate all my junk. I currently use a backpack for my work stuff but would like a smarter alternative.

11. Maria Denmark Lotta Lady Bag: I was thinking of this as it goes over the shoulder and looks fairly spacious. However, now I’m thinking of a more tote bag shape so I might draft something myself. I’m hoping to work up to a final version in leather but I’ve never worked with leather before so we’ll see.

PJ’s: I love lounging at home so these are a must. Also, on inspection a lot of my pj’s are pretty threadbare and have definitely seen better days. I have already made a pair from NL6321 bottoms (with a lot of adjustments – to be blogged later) and a Coletter Sorbetto in jersey.


12. More PJ’s: pattern tbc

Sorry, sorry, sorry for the long post. I just really wanted to get this all down  so that I’ve got something to check back against. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out! How is everyone else’s sewing plans coming on?



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