Scout for Girls

A finished item! As promised from my last post this is the chambray scout I made to test size and fit before cutting into my lovely red polka dots.


I know it’s not a new pattern and there are already a million more interesting versions out there but I’m still pleased with it. This has been finished a while now and has had a few wears – somewhat limited by the fabric needing to be ironed damp to really get rid of the creases… and I always forget. I can’t actually remember what size I made now  but I know I definately graded out a couple of sizes over the hips to accomodate my ample curves. It’s actually quite a short top (or I have a long torso) so I probably didn’t need to bother grading it after all. I think a broad upper back adjustment is required however as movement feels a bit restricted when raising my arms and reaching for things. I’m going to read up on Kestral’s post for this.


Please excuse the terrible photos. My camera is really old. I’ve been given permission to use husband’s fancy camera but not plucked up the courage to try to use it yet. Really should though as these pictures suck. Also, in my head I don’t look like that so lets just pretend I don’t 😉

Overall the pattern is lovely, goes together brilliantly although I pretty much ignored the instructions and winged it. I french seamed everything, including the sleeves (although they went in flat, followed then by the side seams). This was initially because I wanted a neat finish but then turned out to be essential due to this fabric fraying like a mother.

This is a good staple type of garment, smarter than a jersey t-shirt and work appropriate. I’m thinking that I’ll follow the pattern again for the polka dot version but then try a black version with scooped hem and high slits at the side.

One thing at a time…



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