Starting Over

So. Last Year. I started blogging some of the clothes I was making. I didn’t get very far. Life got in the way. Of blogging that is, not making. 2014 was an awful year. But it’s over. 2015 is already promising to be a lot better. I feel like I want to start documenting the clothes I make again. Good, bad and ugly.

Here goes.

One of my new year’s resolutions this year is not to buy any new clothes. Except underwear, tights, socks and knitwear. I don’t have the patience to make underwear (yet) and I can’t knit (to my Mum’s despair). Everything else has to be made or at a push bought second hand.

This year will be a lot about wardrobe basics and learning new skills. I desperately need new jeans, gulp. Also, over the last year, with the help of the Wardrobe Architect project I’ve carried out a massive cull on my wardrobe. I now have a much clearer idea on the styles and colours that I go for and that suit my lifestyle. While I’m by no means going to achieve a 30 piece minimalist capsule wardrobe, the aim will always be for garments that fit in with what I already have and can be mixed and matched easily.

So, although we’re nearly at the end of January, I started my RTW fast on the 1st and I haven’t broken it yet. This might just be a resolution I can keep.SONY DSC

Aside: I’d love to get better at photography and so have “borrowed”my husband’s nice camera. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. Here is a photo of another new year’s resolution. I’m going to learn to ride this bad boy if it kills me. It might just…


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